🤖HyperDAO Roles

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn a steady income and take part in shaping the future of AI? Look no further 👀

As a valued member of HyperGPT, you'll have the chance to contribute to our mission while reaping fantastic rewards💰

Here's what you'll get by joining the HyperDAO: ✅ Earn rewards ✅ Play an important role in shaping the future of AI ✅ Exciting perks and benefits exclusive to DAO members ✅ Access to a vibrant community that are passionate about AI and technology

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of the #HyperDAO 🚀

Let's get to know the HyperDAO Roles:

HyperVoter🤖: DAO members with voting power. Hold 1-99 $HGPT tokens to be part of this role.

HyperFlare🔥: Level up and hold 100-500 $HGPT tokens to unlock this role.

HyperVolt⚡️: Take on more responsibility by holding 501-5000 $HGPT tokens.

HyperNova🌌: Aim higher and hold 5001-25000 $HGPT tokens to join this esteemed role.

HyperSonic🌪: Reach the pinnacle as a token holder with 25000+ $HGPT tokens.

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