🥇HyperGPT Presents the Ambassador Program

At HyperGPT, we believe in the power of community support for growth and success. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the HyperGPT Ambassador Program.

This initiative is designed to bring together enthusiastic and talented individuals who are passionate about promoting and expanding our project. By joining our Ambassador Program, you’ll have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the HyperGPT community and contribute to the development of our project.

Ambassador Benefits

By becoming a HyperGPT Ambassador, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, including:

· Free Usage Rights on HyperStore: Enjoy complimentary access to our HyperStore products and services.

· Meet with Team Members: Get the chance to interact with and learn from our dedicated team members.

· Surprise Rewards & Bounties: Participate in surprise reward programs and earn exciting incentives for your contributions.

· Access to Career Opportunities: Explore potential career opportunities within the HyperGPT ecosystem.

· Early Access: Gain exclusive early access to the development of Hyper AI Solutions, staying ahead of the curve and helping shape the future of our project.

· Financial Support: Ambassadors have the opportunity to request financial support or propose budgets for approved initiatives that can benefit the HyperGPT community.

· Merchandise Exclusives: Enjoy access to exclusive merchandise created specifically for our valued Ambassadors, proudly displaying your commitment to the HyperGPT community.

HyperGPT Ambassador Roles

1. Analysts: Dive deep into price charts for HyperGPT and provide valuable insights into the project’s economic outlook.

2. Original Content Creators: Craft original blog posts, articles, or other compelling content to promote HyperGPT and enrich our community.

3. MEME Creators: Create fun and engaging memes that can help HyperGPT go viral and capture the attention of a broader audience.

4. Translator and Localizer: Translate HyperGPT’s content into various languages, ensuring global access and inclusivity.

5. Social Media Supporters: Actively engage with HyperGPT’s social media content, help grow our follower base, and encourage meaningful interactions within the community.

6. Agenda Setters: Keep HyperGPT in the spotlight across different platforms, organize exciting community events, and highlight the project’s significance.

7. Local Community Managers: Serve as moderators in local communities on Telegram and Discord, fostering a sense of unity and providing assistance to participants.

Requirements to become a HyperGPT Ambassador

1. Claim one of the HyperDAO role on Discord (except for the HyperVoter role) 1.1. Hold minimum 100 $HGPT Token 1.2. Verify on CollabLand

2. Update your names on Telegram, Discord and Twitter as in the example. Example: Username | HyperGPT

3. Fill out the form and wait for confirmation from the HyperGPT team.

Join the HyperGPT Ambassador Program today, and be part of the driving force behind our project’s growth. Together, we can achieve great success and make a lasting impact on the crypto community. Apply Now to become a HyperGPT Ambassador and help us shape the future of AI and blockchain technology!

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